So, maybe you are wondering about how this came to fruition.

Creativity is in my soul, and one of my outlets for creativity since childhood has been helping set beautiful tables. Since the days of setting my family’s table for special holiday meals when I was a girl, making sure everything is perfect has always brought me pleasure. The dinner table is also an important part of my culture and upbringing. Close to the kitchen, these spaces are the beating heart of a home.

Fast forward through a few decades of life-shaping experiences, including my time as a news reporter and move across the ocean, I began to find myself setting tables for many of my close friends’ small parties. Creating one-of-a-kind themes to wow their dinner guests was something I was good at—and people started to notice. After enthusiastic encouragement from the people closest to me, I decided to do a little digging. I found a woman that was holding themed parties in the privacy of her clients’ own homes. This was such an inspiration. I thought, why can’t I come up with my own themes and hold parties in homes throughout Palm Beach? So I did, and Soirée was born.

I’m lucky to have a husband whose creativity is a big part of his identity as well. With his help, we have designed the Soirée brand to signify luxury, sophistication, and elegant fun. As a graphic artist, he has been able to help me manifest the visions in my head and make Soirée a reality. My taste and instinct for creating experiences, combined with his unique talents, have enabled us to create themes which we feel are truly special. Not every theme we created ultimately made the cut, but we look forward to adding more unique experiences in the future as Soirée continues to grow and evolve.